Discover Max Flex, our innovative fabric offering the strechiest wetsuit we ever made.
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Created in a weaving process, the three dimensional mesh is characterized by its rhombus structure. The unprecedented technology offers you 30% more stretch with the same power applied.

The stretchiest wetsuits allow for the most radical movements. Whether it be board-offs or grabbing the rail, feel the freedom in your moves out there.
POWER SAVING Less force required, equals more energy on the water. Extend your session by saving power on all your moves.
QUICK DRYING The lining doesn‘t soak water. Small channels on the 3D mesh increase evaporation hence reducing drying time.
MAXIMUM COMFORT Wearing comfort before, during and after a session is notably improved. More stretch results in a seemless wearing experience.

How much Flex?! This much Sustainablity.

All Max_Flex featuring ION wetsuits are developed by using mulitple sustainable materials and production techniques.

Oystershell powder


We use biocalcium oxide powder made from abandoned waste shells to partially replace limestone in the neoprene. This process recycles waste oyster shells and is part of our neoprene’s sustainability contribution. Oystershell Powder is available in all Select and AMP Level Wetsuits.
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Aqua alpha technology


ION Wetsuits use the Aqua-α ™ technology. Aqua-α ™ is a solvent-free and completely water-based glue, which protects the health of workers at the factory as there is nearly no bad smell from the glue. The difference is huge - a good step for the people behind all the great wetsuits and the environment.
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Eco-carbon black

Eco-carbon Black

Carbon black, one of the key ingredients of neoprene, can now be pyrolyzed from scrap rubber tires. This significantly reduces energy consumption and cuts CO2 emission by 200g per wetsuit.
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We use earth mined limestone to replace petrochemicals in our neoprene. It comes from nature and has less environmental impact.
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All ION wetsuits are manufactured climate neutral. This means we offset our CO₂ emissions, caused by production and transport of our products, by supporting supporting clean electricity in Gujarat (India) and improving livelihoods though afforestation in Huangping (China) – supported by ClimatePartner. The entire process is transparent and traceable thanks to the ClimatePartner label and a certificate.

Learn more about our Sustainablity commitment