ION Introduces the new Helmet Range. No matter what comes next. You’ll be safe now, head to toe.
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Mission complete. The helmet range completes the protection portfolio from head to toe.

As the leaders in MTB protection, the only thing missing from our product range was helmets. After working with the long-standing industry specialist MET, helmets are now part of the ION DNA.

Met has been making cycling helmets for over 30 years. Due to their specialization in helmets, they ensure the absolute highest standards of quality and safety every time. Since ever - ION has developed technical, award-winning body armor for all riding styles. Protection is our brand DNA.

Now with this collaboration, this outstanding product is ready for you!

Including full know-how and expertise of the most forward-thinking brands on the market, we are thrilled to add a new category to the ION product portfolio.

Discover the variety of ION X MET Mountainbike Helmets

ION introduces their new helmet range and completes their MTB protection portfolio from head to toe. All ION helmets are CE-certified.

Helmet Scrub Select New
Scrub Select

MET X ION Scrub Select MIPS Helmet: Fullface helmet for Enduro & Downhill-oriented mountain biking.

Helmet Scrub Amp
Scrub Amp

MET X ION Scrub Amp Helmet: Fullface helmet for enduro & downhill-oriented mountain biking.

Helmet Traze Amp
Traze Amp

MET X ION helmet Traze Amp MIPS: Mountainbike helmet for Allmountain and Enduro-oriented riding.

Helmet Seek New

Dirt jumps, ramps or skate park - the MET X ION Seek helmet is the robust choice when it comes to learning new tricks and landing old ones.